Kenya Eco tourism safaris

Eco Tourism is described as nature-based travel to relatively undisturbed areas with an emphasis on education. It is simply about environment, culture and oriented travel

In general, eco-tourism is an insightful, mindful and participatory travel experience to natural and cultural environments, assisting the well-being of the local cultures and environments for future generations. At the same time eco-tourism produces viable economic opportunities for the host areas.

Originally, eco-tourism was defined as purely nature based, forgetting the impact tourism had on the local villages and culture. However, it quickly became apparent that trying to create a new type of tourism, which only focused on wildlife and the environment, while excluding the local villages, simply did not work.

Those countries that involved the local communities in the eco-tourism decision-making process had a much higher success rate in implementing profitable eco-tourism consequently, most recent definitions of eco-tourism now include a more synergistic approach, including the tourist, local villages and environment. 

How to Choose an Eco-tour 

When choosing an eco-tour, ensure that your travel company:

  • Builds environmental and cultural awareness through education, activities and pre-departure information. 
  • Minimizes impact on the environment and local cultures. 
  • Supports local businesses and service providers. 
  • Offers site-sensitive accommodation. 
  • Respects local culture. 

How to Choose an Eco-destination

Characteristics of a good eco-destination include:

  • Plenty of protected landscapes and recreational areas, such as bike paths or beach areas, shared by locals and visitors alike. 
  • Thriving, locally owned, lodges, hotels, restaurants and businesses that provide genuine hospitality and motivated, friendly staff. 
  • Evidence of local control over tourism development that prevents harm to the environment or to local well-being. 
  • Local festivals and events that demonstrate people's ongoing sense of pride in their environment and cultural heritage.

African Retreat Tours and Travel will organize your eco safaris according to your wish and budget. 

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