Youth Missions

This can be Spring Mission,Summer Missions typically consisting of high school and college students on break .

DAY 1:

Upon arrival at Jom Kenyatta International airport, you will be met by our rerpresentative and be transfferred to the hotel or guest house for your overnight .

DAY 2: Orientation In Nairobi

Morning prayers session, breakfast, there after orientation and review of the program which includes general expections while on mission such the do's and the don'ts, safety, tradition and culture of the country. After the orientation, depart nairobi for your mission locations.

Day 3: Missions

Day 4: Missions

Day 5: Missions

Day 6: Missions

Day 7: Missions

Day 8: Missions

Day 9: Missions

Day 10: Missions

Day 11: Missions

Day 12: Masaai Mara

Day 13: Masaai Mara

Day 14: Maasai Mara - Nairobi- Jkia

Highlights may include working in a school/children's home/work in an orphanage/ volunteering in building a classroom/visit to a village market or work in a local clinic for the next 14 days on 3 days safari.

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